Free Fall & Stretch

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Watch the following video tutorial on the topics of stretch, motion blur, strobing, and smear animation. After watching the video, take the quiz.

[PDF of Slides]


•The force of gravity does not physically stretch objects as they fall.
•Characters in free fall are “weightless.”
•Fast moving objects visually appear to stretch due to motion blur.
•Strobing is the disruption of motion perception for a sequence of images.
•Motion blur and stretch are used to minimize strobing in animation.
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Optional: Watch this video about the Vomit Comet:

Optional: Watch The Dover Boys (1942) cartoon:

Optional: Here's a nice discussion of motion blur and smear with examples from a variety of animated films:

Optional: Here's a nice video explaining misconceptions regarding weightlessness:

Optional: Watch this video that illustrates perception of motion with a zeotrope. Note that motion blur has to be eliminated using a strobe light, which acts like the shutter of a movie projector.


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