Law of Inertia, Part 1

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Watch the following video tutorial on The Law of Inertia, also known as Newton's First Law of Motion and take the quiz.

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• The Law of Inertia says, “An object moves with constant, uniform motion until acted on by an unbalanced force.”
• A force is balanced by an equal force acting in opposition, such as the floor pushing you up versus gravity pulling you downward.
• The Law of Inertia explains follow through and overlapping action, such as the secondary motions that occur when a character comes to a sudden stop.
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Note: If you'd like to watch all the videos in this module in a single YouTube playlist, here is the link:

Optional: Watch the car crash scene from Shoot'em Up:

Optional: Watch this scene from Jackass:

Optional: Watch this video that explains the connections among the concepts of inertia, mass, and weight:

Optional: Watch this BMW commercial that demonstrates the Law of Inertia:

Optional: Watch this classic example of "An object in motion remains in motion..."


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