Action / Reaction, Part 2

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Watch the following video tutorial the Action / Reaction Principle, also known as Newton's Third Law of Motion.

[PDF of Slides]


• When a character pulls or pushes another character the action/reaction forces are equal but the accelerations are usually not equal.
• If both characters pull or both push then there are two action forces and two reaction forces.
• The reaction force due to the gravitational pull of the Earth (weight) is negligible.
• When a character jumps, the downward action force from the legs results in an upward reaction force exerted by the ground.
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Optional: Watch this Mythbusters segment demonstrating Newton's Third Law as it applies to cars crashing into each other:

Optional: Watch this video that presents the incorrect version of the Action/Reaction Principle (Third Law of Motion), which is a common misconception that people have regarding motion:


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