Law of Inertia, Part 2

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Watch the following video tutorial on The Law of Inertia, also known as Newton's First Law of Motion then take the quiz.

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• The Law of Inertia also says, “An object at rest (not moving) remains at rest until acted on by an unbalanced force.”
• Pulling a tablecloth out from under a vase demonstrates the Law of Inertia, with the vase remaining at rest since there’s little force on it.
• When the camera accelerates away from a stationary character, the character seems to be thrown backwards, as in the bus example.
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Optional: Watch this version of the table cloth demo done with a motorcycle:

Optional: Watch this funny version of the table cloth demo:

Optional: Watch this video that presents the incorrect version of The Law of Inertia (First Law of Motion), which is a common misconception that people have regarding motion:


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