Parabolic Path of Action

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Watch the following video tutorial on parabolic paths of action, which are typical for objects flying through the air. When you've finished watching the video, take the quiz.

[PDF of Slides]


• When gravity is the only significant force the path of action is a parabolic arc.
• For a parabolic path of action the horizontal spacings are constant and uniform.
• The vertical spacings are the same as for simple falling motion (i.e., The Odd Rule, Fourth Down at Half-time).
• Two common errors are: Making the arc too straight; Not having the apex centered.
• Path of action can have the right shape but the timing and spacing can still be wrong.
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Optional: Watch the Mythbuster's version of the "Fall and FIre" demonstration:

 Optional: Watch this advanced version of the "Fall and Fire" demonstration:


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