Somersaults & Twists

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Watch the following video tutorial somersaults, twists, and other rotations performed by jumping characters.

[PDF of Slides]


• Rotation can be sped up or slowed down by changing a character’s pose.
• Somersaults, twists, and cart-wheel turns may be stable spins or unstable tumbles depending on the character’s pose.
• The axis of rotation can change by changing a character’s pose.
• Rotations are usually created by a torque but a character can turn without a torque.

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Optional: Watch this video on cat twists:

 Optional: Read this news article on the history of the cat twist problem:

The animation below (from the above article) illustrates how the angular momentum (L) of the cat is zero when you add up the three parts (upper torso twist + lower torso twist + body rotation).

 Cat twist gif.gif

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