Basic Motion

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Watch the following video tutorial on uniform motion, slowing in, and slowing out. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and take the short (2 question) quiz.

[PDF of Slides]


•Uniform motion is motion with constant speed in a straight line.
•The larger the spacings, the higher the speed of the motion.
•Slowing in & slowing out are important examples of non-uniform motion.
•The apex is an example of an extreme.
•The spacings into and out of the apex are critical to creating believable falling motion.

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Conversion Table for Speed 

10 miles per hour

 7  inches per frame

20 miles per hour

15  inches per frame

30 miles per hour

22 inches per frame

40 miles per hour

29 inches per frame

50 miles per hour

37 inches per frame

60 miles per hour

44 inches per frame

90 miles per hour

66 inches per frame

This table is for 24 fps; to convert to 30 fps, multiply the number of inches by 0.8.
For example, 20 miles per hour is 12 inches per frame for 30 fps.


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