SP13: COMM-151I Sec 01 - New Media/Methods

SP13: COMM-151I Sec 01 - New Media/Methods
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Welcome to New Media/New Methods

This is a hybrid course that meets every Wednesday at noon

If you wish to contact the instructor, email him at comm151i@gmail.com

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NOTE: the textbook for this course - Hine, C. (2005.) Virtual Methods: Issues in Social Research on the Internet, Berg. (VM)  - is available as an eBook for FREE via the SJSU Library

Go here: http://catalog.sjlibrary.org/record=b3664989

This is also Canvas, our new learning management platform we are piloting this term. It rocks! It is also super easy to use compared to D2HELL. Here is what you need to know to get started:

  1. Here are extensive and easy to read guides on how the site works:http://guides.instructure.com/m/4212
  2. Canvas will send course announcements and notifications (such as when grades are posted) automatically to whatever device/address you wish. Go here http://guides.instructure.com/s/2204/m/4212/l/45879-how-do-i-change-my-notification-preferences-in-canvas to see how it is done.
  3. There is an app for that! Canvas is also fully functional on tablets.
  4. If you click on the Modules link in the navigation bar you will get a week-by-week breakdown of all assignments and schedules. You can get to any quiz, workshop, discussion, or assignment from here.
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